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About Us

We will save you time and money with expert planning of your advertising campaign(s) and then ensure you are getting the very best deal through educated buying of the recommend media formats to fulfil your advertising requirements.

Whether it is radio, TV, out of home advertising, or leaflet distribution, we would recommend, from these or many other formats, the most effective campaign for your brief. We also use a wealth of expertise in creative production to maximise the impact of your marketing message.

Our services can be used on an adhoc or ongoing basis - we do not ask clients to sign a contract or work to an agreed level of spend, you can use our services as and when you feel it appropriate.

This means, we can take care of all of your advertising requirements or simply a section, whatever you find is most efficient for you.    

We know, you know, that it is never one size fits all!  Which is why Root One takes every brief individually and designs the right campaign, using the correct formats that will deliver the best possible return on your investment. All based on who you want to speak to, where you want to target, when and what you wish to communicate and ultimately why.

Yes, we have local, regional and national clients, even international clients, but we are a Northern based agency and proud of it, that is why we have our very own ethos, our roots….

Expertise - We work hard and do what we do best, if it is not something we do, we will tell you

Trust - We earn the trust of the people we work with

Service - We make sure everyone receives the highest level of service


Expertise. Trust. Service.


We have to be totally honest, it didn’t take numerous meetings and focus groups, with a ridiculously highly paid consultant to come up with this as our company core values, it really is what Root One Advertising is all about!

So please do contact us, we would love to hear from you. Maybe we are just what you have been looking for in an agency.



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