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Out of Home Advertising

Unless you haven’t been outside today, we are pretty sure you will have seen one of the many forms of Out of Home advertising - That’s because it’s unavoidable!

Whether its roadside 96 or 48 sheet billboards, Adshels 6 sheets, phone kiosks, or the sponsorship of a roundabout or gateway we can manage the whole process from planning and buying to production of the creative to installation.

Here at Root One we have never had better planning tools at our finger tips. Data-based analysis, geo-targeting and specialist target measurement tools now allow sophisticated planning. This means we can recommend and plan the right media format(s) to meet your campaign objectives all backed up with figures. 

83% of people recall seeing OOH advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping" (Outsmart, Last Window of Influence, 2011) so it is no wonder the Out of Home market place is worth in excess of £1.1bn per year in the UK alone and has grown every year since 2010.

Over the last 20 years advances in technology have meant that outdoor media can be viewed 24 hours a day.  More recent developments have seen a greater digital inventory, resulting in the ultimate in strategic planning with day parts, hourly time-bands, even environmental contributories all at our disposal.

It is no coincidence that even other media owners - Sky TV, Capital Radio, The Sun newspaper to name a few - all use OOH advertising giving them access to reach 98% of the UK population!

We plan and buy OOH media formats on a daily basis, utilising our extremely strong & ongoing relationship with one the world leading outdoors specialists.

Root One buys….

    • Large format – 96 sheets, 48 sheets, 16 sheets, paper and paste, backlit, HD, digital
    • 6 sheet – Retail, FSU’s, ADshels, leisure, cinema
    • Bus – Full wraps, mega rears, rears, streetliners, T-Sides, headliners and supersides
    • Rail – 4 sheets, 6 sheets, digital, banners, station dominations
    • Petrol Pump nozzles … Retail and roadside

See more Out Of Home formats...

  • Taxi – From full livery to supersides, tip seats receipts etc
  • Phone kiosks – all contractors and formats
  • Tram Passenger panels, headliners, t sides
  • London Underground - Cross track, 4, 6 panels digital
  • Washroom, digital socialite screens, fitting rooms
  • Cinema - Including production, transfer and conversion plus Dolby mixing
  • Mobile Media – AdBikes, AdVans, adwalkers, plus digital formats
  • Special builds, lightwalls, flogo’s, street graffiti, kiosks, interactive digital surfaces
  • Roundabouts/gateways – Council opportunities
  • Stadium advertising
  • Naming rights branding negotiation
  • Golf media
  • Ambient media … Drip mats, cash machine, pharmacy bags, scratch cards etc
  • PIPS (Public information panels)
  • Student unions (various formats)
  • Trailers/motorway drive-by media
  • Car park tickets

If you have seen it, there is a very good chance we can buy it!

If you would like to chat further about out of home advertising and your requirements please contact us, we would love to hear from you.



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